Agile-A-Thon 2020

  • shiva Gosul
    Scrum Master
    Legato Health Technologies

    One of the best platform for Agile expertise and AgileVirgin manages Agile-A-thon and other conference very systematic and worthy to participate. Agile-A-Thon for me is a not for winning sprint, being participate will give you more knowledge and pleasure. I wish  AgileVirgin success in their vision 

  • Prerna Malhotra
    Sr. Scrum Master/ Automation Architect

    Really appreciate this initiative and efforts made in making this Agile-A-Thon event a great success by Agile Virgin members- Kudos Deepti, Ashish, Siddharth and team! This is a really good opportunity for anyone in this Agile discipline to challenge themselves and bring out the best of their experiences on the canvas.

    Apparently it fillips the energy within you to excite your Agility beyond your current state.

    Proud to participate and be part of Agile-A-Thon 2020 !

  • Srikant Lakhanpal
    Agile Coach, Scrum Master

    From cage age to cloud age, few things which have being consistently helping us to have better world around us is our thirst for new learnings and willingness to share.

    I see Agile-A-Thon as a powerful platform where we will get an opportunity to share our ways to overcome different challenges in journey of Business Agility and New Normal. Moreover, there will be abundance of new Learning in form of Solution shared by our peers from different domains and organizations. Thanks Agile-A-THon team.

    Keep learning and Keep growing!!

  • Parveen Jain
    Agile Coach, APAC

    Agile-A-Thon is a amazing experience to learn and enhnace your capacity to think and write. Your perspective of a topic is judged by experts and the feedback received is so detailed that you learn and improve through that feedback. Transparency and insights you get are commendable and it feels awesome to be connected with community at this level.

  • Diwakar Konda
    Associate Director - Process, Advisory & Transform
    Cigniti Technologies

    A BIG THANK YOU to all the Agile-A-Thon team who supported directly and indirectly behind the scenes, to make a platform for the agile community on learning.

    Certainly, for me, this helped me a lot to collaborate with new enablers, refreshing my knowledge, learning new contexts, research on new topics, helping improve my learning curve, continuously respond to the queries on WhatsApp.

    Thanks for all your continuous support on learning and enable the community connect.

  • Ramanathan Yegyanarayanan
    Agile Coach
    Standard Chartered GBS

    I have been in this agile-a-thon for many seasons, I appreciate them for this platform which induces our spirit of writing articles for a problem statement, It is creating a striving passion for writing to budding writers. But the only thing I see in many seasons, in a few sprints where the comments from judges are absurd. Sometimes the choice of words they use often kills the positive spirit to participate further. Please inspect and adapt to it which will make this forum a great place where all would participate without a second thought.

  • Giovanna Fontoura
    Project Manager

    It has been a great adventure participating in this Agile contest. What a great opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas with so many great agilists. Big thanks to the Agile-A-Thon team for this initiative!

  • Kamal Hans
    Managing Partner

    To be honest, I am not a writer, and when I saw Agile-A-Thon, I quickly jumped into it. And, I wouldn't say I like it because it is pushing me from my comfort zone. But at the same time, I am learning every week, and I hope by participating in this amazing contest,  I can learn how to write and inspire readers. Keep doing the fantastic work Agile-A-Thon team  and creating a feedback loop for people like me.

  • Rakhi Agarwal
    Founder, Project manager

    Thanks Agile Virgin team for hosting this great learning event (Agile-A-Thon) which was very well organized and well conducted. You have been constantly answering queries, listening to suggestions, implementing them almost immediately. The Sprints/Goals were very well defined and well planned. The best part was the feedback and review system which was detailed and insightful. @DeeptiJain and the entire team was available almost all the time as and when needed. Their spirit and zeal and their efforts to keep everyone involved was amazing. 

    You guys are doing so much for the community, creating an equal space for all sorts/levels of practicioners. I am glad I was a part of this event and I look forward to more such activities in the future :)

  • Sivakanth Badigenchala
    Scrum Master-II

    Agile-A-Thon is one of the best forums that I've ever participated. The event served as a great platform to exchange ideas and read through great experiences being shared across by adept Agile practitioners seamlessly, cutting across boundaries. Kudos to each and every member of the organizing committee for coming up with such an innovative idea of learning and collaborative knowledge sharing. And a big thanks to all the esteemed Judges for their valuable feedback which helped participants like me hone one's analytical and presentation skills while researching on each sprint goal, giving a sense of accomplishment and fostering a healthy competition amongst fellow Agilists. The whole experience left me overwhelmed and nostalgic and with an enriched treasure trove of knowledge. Eagerly looking forward for more such collaborative encounters from Agile Virgin team. Thanks a ton and Way to go! 

    Sivakanth Badigenchala, Scrum Master, Pegasystems Inc. 

  • varun agarwal
    Agile Coach
    RSK Group

    Agile-A-Thon is a great place to learn, share your thoughts and expand the thought process at the same time. And, top of it, it is a kind activity which does not demand anything from you except dedication. For me, It also unhide one of my skill, that is writing. If I woud have not particpated into it, I would never know that I have the writing skills. Thanks Agile-A-Thon Team. Being an Agile Professional, I had never received such feedbacks as I got while participating in Agile-A-Thon, and we know feedback are so important for improvement. Surely, I see  this event as multi-dimensional improvement & learning activity. Great work by Agile-A-Thon Team. Thank you so much for providing us this platform!

  • Kritika Buttan
    Scrum Master
    DXC Technology

    Agile-a-thon was a great experience and outstanding learning in the Agile Domain.The challenges and weekly sprint task made me think, analyse and learn lot of new things and concepts. The rules set around the sprint were quite simple, competitive and effective. The feedback from judges were really valuable, which provide accurate guidance and scope of improvement in every sub-domain of Agile Methodology. Kudos to Agile-A-Thon team, judges, contestants, website team and the support team for all the amazing coordination and backend efforts that made this an overall enriching learning platform. Looking forward for more competitive learning and competition with the Agile-A-Thon team.

  • Ananth Ramanathan
    Agile Coach

    These days,  there are so many certification bodies providing a variety of certifications and it doesn't mean that those who are certified are competent.  The agile enthusiasts like AgileVirgin and the forums like Agile-A-Thon are great opportunities to realize that we all are unconcious competents and learning should be a continuous journey to unlearn, relearn and share the knowledge with the agile community. Thanks AgileVirgin team for providing such a wonderful platform. 

  • Ritika Mehra
    Agile Program Manager
    Publicis Sapient

    A great event, packed with so much knowledge, insightful solution, awesome participation ,great judges and commendable organizers.
    It was worth enrolling for 8 weeks long agile marathon - a good hands-on, practical approach, thought-provoking solutions - experience gained left me inspired; feeling much more confident with the new learning/take ways I achieved each week. Also the whole concept of running the event is truly Agile - Sprints, Assessments , Report card , Feedback and Collaborative effort from each one of us.

    Kudos to Deepti & team and her superb leadership skills in putting such a great movement together!

    The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd.

    This is the wonderful journey that I have gone through in the past seven weeks. I had a very basic knowledge about Agile in the initial days. But, I learned a lot during this process of Agile-A-thon. Heartfelt congratulations and regards to organizers, Deepti Madam and Judges. Judges gave us very great and genuine feedbacks which really helped to grow in future as an agilist personally and professionally. Kudos  to the team members who inspired me through this journey. I learnt every day after reading their answers of the sprints.


    Tanvi Verma

  • Alok Juneja, PhD.
    Scrum Master
    AFRY AB, Sweden

    Good opportunity to share and learn with the team. Overall objective is to know what others have to offer. Organizing team has well executed it. Thanks for all you have done. 

  • Vamsi Kakkireni
    Agile Coach

    Superb platform to share knowledge & to learn from other Agile enthusiasts. Fantastic experience. Agile-A-Thon (8 Sprint Agile marathon) is an absolute roller coaster ride. Relished every challenge. Awestruck with the feedback by judges panel.  Effort & support by team is exceptional.

  • Vimal Raina
    Project lead
    Sopra Steria

    Agile-A-Thon was a great platform where which through its goals/assignments brought the best out of the participants when they scratched their heads to come up with winning solutions. The goals given were systematic and covered almost everything one should think of being Agile. The teams was wonderful in coordinating everything from start to end, supporting participants for their challenge’s/query’s almost 24x7, a huge shout out to all of them and also the Judges. The feedback from judges was so detailed that it really helped me improve sprint on sprint with my solutions

    A big thanks to everyone who was involved in making this happen and I wish many more events like this from the Agile Virgin team, it is really a wonderful team which works towards upliftment  of the community by doing such community services.


    Vimal Raina

  • Anubhav Lahoti
    Solution Architect
    Speridian Technologies

    Excellent work by the team. managed it pretty well and handling all the questions/queries coming in patiently. Unfortunately couldn't take much part this time, but looking forward to next time to provide the answers to all the rounds. Keep it up, guys. Sometimes even paid events are not this well organized... Cheers to all the team members.

  • Pankaj Bisht
    Product Owner
    Natwest Group

    Overall, an enriching experience. I was neither a Scrum master nor coach, still tried my best to complete all seven sprint goals. In the process, I got to learn new things, especially on the Agile transformation. This weekend looks hollow to me as there is not much in terms of subject research :) I would like to thanks the organisers especially Deepti to come up with this idea. I got to know so many learned people through this platform, looking forward to the more offerings from AgileVirgin.



  • Anurag Singh
    ScrumMaster/Delivery Lead
    DXC Technology

    It was a wonderful journey and a great experience participating in the AgileAThon20 event. To provide a solution, for the given Sprint Goals in a Timeboxed window, it was a combination of Learning, Research, Deep thinking, Recalling & Collecting of our own experiences to handle any such situation and then finally shaping and presenting it in a way to fit into the given word limit which could make an Impact while reading. In my experience, the best part of this event was the quick feedback, the realistic & Practical comments from the Judges on various parameters which has surely worked as a Mirror for me to feel energetic on the positives comments and at the same time to get the direction to improve on other aspects.
    Thanks to all Judges, fellow Agilists, and AgileAThon team for amazing coordination.
    A Superb job is done by the Organizing team to answer each and every query and to bring us such an amazing learning platform.
    Looking forward to next year and other events.....


  • Nitesh Dhameja
    Agile Expert

    I have just begun my Agile journey few years back. Though, working as a Scrum master for the organization I had my experiences, but participating in Agileathon completely changed my deck. This learning gave me immense knowledge about various topics required in Agile Management. This platform helped me a lot in learning & understanding about different aspects of people management through Psychological Safety. Thanks a lot to the Agileathon team for providing us such platform to learn and grow. Keep up the good work!

  • Sharmila NadkarniGidh
    Technical Project Manager/Scrum Master

    Thank you for organizing the Agile-a-Thon 2020 event. It was a great experience honing my writing skills in the Agile space. The most valuable part of this event was the learning that I experienced by reviewing diverse perspectives in the solutions of the other participants. I have definitely gained a lot of knowledge from the Agile-A-Thon. I will look forward to participating next year. Keep up the great work.

  • Shveta Lakhani
    Scrum Master
    Ion Trading Pvt Ltd

    Agile-A-Thon gives a wonderful learning experience.I am part of this in initiative from 2 years and it gives me the immense pleasure to say that Deepti and the  organsiing team did great in bringing Agile believers to the common platform through this event. Goal of every sprint comes with lot of excitement and urges everyone to pen down their experiences and shared across so that everyone can leverage of the same.I feel awsome to be part of the learning experience and definitely the great solutions shared will help me enrich my toolbox and put those ideas into practice.

  • Anita Guha
    Agile Process Manager
    Hyland Software

    What a learning experience indeed! Most awesome 7 weeks of continous research, commitment and contribution. Thanks a ton to Agile Virgin Team and the judges for your valuable feedback and tips. Appreciate your dedication to the cause of Agile. Got to know of so many wonderful and different takes and perspectives on same topic from the different contributors. This is the greatest takeaway from this platform. Kudos to everyone involved. Had fun partcipating in this learning journey! 

  • Parveen Jain
    Agile Coach, APAC

    An amazing journey and experience of learning. Agile a Thon gave oppurtunity to discover self thought and then converting them into words and expressing it on various startegic and inportant aspect of Agile. The judges impression and detailed genuine feedbck helped you to improve sprint on sprint to enhance maturity of the soution. Reading the solutions of others widen the thoughts and gave immense learning.

    A huge Kudos to organizing team for organizing and managing such a big event and helping at each momenet and answering so many queries patiecly and repeatedly.

    A selfless work by organizing team to help community. The experience was way beyond expectations.

    Thanks again to the organizing team and judges.

  • sulekha roy
    Tech lead

    Hi Team,

    Through this challange I came to know new topics which was totally new to me.I understood the way I am working should now be changed.I liked the points highlited in my notes and will improve those areas.In short now I am getting ready for next year challange.

    Point is just not to win but my solution should be accepted by the community members.

    Thanks for creating this group in which we came to see all good ideas and techniques.

    Sulekha Roy

Test-A-Thon 2023

  • Siddharth Shukla
    Sr. Principal Agile Coach

    This is a great platform to learn & share your creativity.The solutions submitted by various people shows great creativity and knowledge that can be spread across the community. I am happy that I registered and participated in this Agile-A-Thon. Great going guys, keep up the good work