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How our participants felt?

  • Agile-a-thon, the name itself is an inspiring, exciting, and enthriling experience. I started with a great passion to learn and share my experiences in my agile journey. Due to personal reasons I couldn't contribute till the end. The very idea of the event is very effective. The moment the sprint goal is declared I started to think very focused on the goal statement. This helped me to rethink my views and concepts that I used in my experience. Most important is the articulating skills which came out very well. Kudos to all the judges, winners and all the participants, the organizers. Thanks, Nagini Chandramouli

    Nagini Chandramouli, Agile coach, BoA
  • #AgileAThon to me was a platform for Knowledge Sharing, Learning and then Contesting. While preparing the solutions, I could identify myself (my values, my experiences, a writer in me) and was able continuously improve through judges feedback and reading solutions submitted by other participants. Thank you Deepti, #AgileAThon, #AgileVirgin, #Judges & #Participants for the wonderful journey of 7 Sprints.

    Raj Kumar Sahu , Agile Coach , Siemens
  • It is always good to participate in any event that encourages to write about what you know or feel as a best practice, Agile-A-thon is one such opportunity which is quench for thirst for any agile coach/change agents to voice out their best practices to the community. Thanks for the opportunity provided Deepti Agile Virgin. Keep up the good work and try to have more sprints in future with ample cut off time.

    Ramanathan Yegyanarayanan, Agile coach, Standard Chartered Global Business Services
  • Agile-A-Thon was the most innovative approach for learning, competing and building a strong community of Agile leaders. I really appreciate their choice of goals for each sprint. They made a think, analyse and learn lot of new things. The rules set around the contest were quite simple and effective. I found judges comments really valuable, which i felt was a toughest job. Thanks Deepti for coordinating this amazing event, your response time for queries was amazing. Kudos to your entire team! I would be happy to participate in all future events your team is going to conduct. Great Job!! Keep Smiling :)

    Anand Babu Chilukuri, Agile Coach and Trainer, Opentext
  • This was such an amazing initiative as it required exploration and in turn gave learning.

    Mohammed Aftab Hussain , Senior lead Engineer, UTC
  • Agile-A-Thon has been a great learning event. Thanks to the judges and their feedback and Deepti for organizing this event.

    Anurag Agarwal, PM, Cisco
  • Agile-A-Thon has been a great learning event for me. I have found the feedback provided by the judges very helpful and have given me new direction to think and explore new areas. It has been an opportunity to connect to new people and expand my network. Thanks to Deepti for organizing this event. Thanks to judges for their feedback and guidance.

    Anurag Agarwal, PM, Cisco
  • Agile-A-Thon has been a great initiative. We have learned a lot of topic during participating. Thanks to the judges and their feedback.

    Subodh Kumar, Sr Softwware Engg, R1RCM
  • Great Initiative. Thought provoking topics and judges feedback gave direction for further thinking.

    Anurag Agarwal, PM, Cisco
  • Agile-A-Thon had been a great platform for learning and it has really helped me fine-tune some of the areas. Thanks to all stakeholders part of this entire Sprint journey and special thanks to Deepti and Judges for their hard work.

    Krishnakumar Kuppusamy, Director, Prabodita Consulting (OPC) Private Limited
  • Great event - well coordinated, enriching collaboration...stepping stone for people like me. Thanks!

    Dheeraj Sukhija, Program Manager, NCR Corporation
  • Loved the concept of Agile-A-Thon. It was a very unique initiative.. I'm sure there will be others emulating this in the future. Thanks to all the judges for the feedback and a special thanks to Deepti for organizing / co-ordinating the whole thing and keeping the participants engaged throughout. Looking forward to future Agile-A-Thon's from Agile Virgin. Hope its a yearly event.

    JAGJEET SINGH , Senior Engineer , American Express India
  • Great initiative by Deepti & team. Looking forward to more of this kind.

    Bharath Polagani , Agile coach, Verizon
  • This event helped me in a lot of ways. It gave me a chance to express my ideas towards a problem statement, get an access for the best proposed solutions and most importantly getting to know a lot people who are helping each other to grow professonally.

    Rajarshi Arjun, Agile Consultant, Ericsson
  • I would like to gratitude from my heart towards Agile-A-Thon been sharing wonderful knowledge and of course their efforts. This platform helps to gain knowledge and been implementing things which I can possibly.

    Shiva Kumar , Senior QA Engineer in Mobile Application , IDrive software pvt. ltd