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After AgilityToday, AgileVirgin presents Agile-A-Thon

What is Agile-a-thon ?

Agile-A-Thon is a 8 sprints (each of timebox 1 week) long Learning, Contesting and Winning Marathon for Agilists around the world

This Learning Marathon will build your muscles to step into Agile Coaching and Consulting world, and even if not to build muscles, just run for fun with serious Agilists and maybe get a little extra in your life

Here are simple rules of the game:

  1. Contest registration started on 1st May 2019 ended on 30th May 2019.
  2. Contest Starts on 31st May 2019 and ends on 25th July 2019.
  3. All participants are requested to be in sync with their mail boxes for further details.
  4. A Participants-Only whatsapp group is created so that everyone can get all announcements. Link to join Whatsapp group will be mailed Participants over your registered email id. DO NOT SHARE WHATSAPP GROUP URL IT WITH ANYBODY, IT’S ONLY FOR PARTICIPANTS.
  5. There will be total 8 Sprints in Agile-A-Thon.
  6. First 7 Sprints will be for Weekly Agile-A-thon, where participants are presented with a Sprint Goal - A problem Statement.
  7. Participants will submit back solutions for each Sprint’s goal.
  8. Every Sprint, till 7th Sprint, will have a Sprint WINNER, who will be awarded.
  9. 8th Sprint will be used to assess and decide Over all Agile-A-Thon WINNER
  10. Final Winner will be announced on or before 26th June 2019.

Sprint Details

Timebox per Sprint:

1 Week (7 Days), starting from Friday and ending on Thursday.

# Days of Sprint Goal of each Day
1 Day-1 (Friday) Sprint Goal Announcement:
For each Sprint, there will be a Goal, a ‘Problem Statement’ OR a Question. It will be shared on the website as well as announced to Participants-Only Whatsapp group by 9 AM IST.
2 Day-1 (Friday) to Day-4 (Monday) Solution Preparation:
This 4 days timebox is given to Participants for preparing a Solution/Answer to the Sprint Goal. It closes at 2 PM IST of Day-4.
3 Day-4 (Monday) Solution Submission:
On or before 2 PM of Day-4 (Monday), all Participants will have to submit Solution they prepared. After that, submissions will not be accepted. Note: Solution content book’s guidelines:
  • Solution described in max 2 pages of MS Word. Attach that to solution form. Anything bigger will disqualify, so be careful of word limit, which is 2 pages of MS word.
  • Font size must be 10 (except for headings)
  • Font Type must be “Arial”
  • Additionally, you can also include a separate excel sheet that can contain different matrices that you want to refer in your solution.
  • Also, you can separately include Picture of figures/diagrams that you want to refer in your Solution.
  • Solution should be practically applicable.
  • It will help if there is mention of real application of this solution, in some company.
4 Day-4 (Monday) Day-5 (Tuesday) & Day-6 (Wednesday) Solution Assessment:
Judges will work on assessment of received papers/submissions.
5 Day-7 (Thursday) Result Announcement:
Result will be announced over the website, whatsapp group and other social media channels. Note: Winning Criteria and categories:
  • Every participant will get marks out of 100, per Sprint, and his/her cumulative Score Card will be maintained in his account. S/he can check it via website, in their account.
  • To qualify final round, you need to have attempted at least 4 out of 7 Goals of this program, that means submit solution for at least 4 Sprints.
  • Final (over-all) winner will be selected from top 7 Scoring participants, who has also attempted 4 or more Sprint goals.
Sprint Calendar:
# Sprint # TimeBox
1 Sprint-1 31 May - 6 June
2 Sprint-2 7 June - 13 June
3 Sprint-3 14 June - 20 June
4 Sprint-4 21 June - 27 June
5 Sprint-5 28 June - 4 July
6 Sprint-6 5 July - 11 July
7 Sprint-7 12 July - 18 July
8 Sprint-8 19 July - 25 July
Sprint Goals:
# Sprint # TimeBox
1 Sprint-1 Will be announced on 31 May
2 Sprint-2 Will be announced on 7 June
3 Sprint-3 Will be announced on 14 June
4 Sprint-4 Will be announced on 21 June
5 Sprint-5 Will be announced on 28 June
6 Sprint-6 Will be announced on 5 July
7 Sprint-7 Will be announced on 12 July
8 Sprint-8 Assess and Declare Winner on 26 July