What is Agile-a-thon ?

--Want to join peer agilists, contest along with learning, and win prizes too, then you are at the right place.

Join Agile-A-Thon, a 5 sprints (each of timebox 1 week) long Learning, Contesting and Winning Marathon for Agilists around the world. First 4 sprints will present you with a unique Goal, a ‘Problem statement’ or a ‘Research topic’, and you have to submit your response to that. That’s it. The Judges will do their part of unbiased assessment. This cycle runs for 4 weeks, your 4 sprints. Each Sprint will have a winner, who gets prize(s). In the 5th sprint we decide the winner for the entire Agile-A-Thon.

Participation is absolutely FREE, but the outcome of this participation is:

  1. Learning from experience of Peer Agilists

  2. Networking with Aglists across the globe

  3. Personal Brand building, digital footprints created

  4. Become searchable and reachable

  5. Get insights from Global Lean Agile Thought Leaders

  6. WIN prizes and respect in community

  7. Top solutions will be posted on the website. Grab this opportunity.

"This Learning Marathon will build your muscles to step into Agile Coaching and Consulting world, and even if not to build muscles, just run for fun with serious Agilists and maybe get a little extra knowledge in your life"

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Sprints and Goals

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Overall winners

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